6 things you need to get started with DCS AJS-37 Viggen

Okay, you got it, here are six basic things to give you a great start with the Viggen module in DCS:

  1. DCS World – The actual game itself, free, no cost. Download and install this first.
  2. The AJS-37 module itself, but Heatblur Simulations – About 60$, get it on sale when possible.
  3. AJS37 manual RC2.1 Beta – A much improved and up to date version of the official Heatblur manual, by DCS forum member TOViper. Combine it with Chuck’s guide below and you have everything you need.
  4. Chuck’s AJS37 guide – Complements the Heatblur manual. Lots of images and descriptions.
  5. Joystick profile – Map as many buttons as possible. Especially important if you are using VR.
  6. Viggen checklist kneeboard – For realism, with super useful diagrams from the real-world SFI documents.
  7. BONUS! TOViper’s great training site https://viggen.training/. Quote: “It serves as a knowledge & training platform in a sense of a pilot type-training, initially with the focus on theoretical knowledge training. You have the chance to prove your knowledge by completing examinations, and underline your proficiency by receiving certificates

Want more? Well then…

…here’s some hardcore reading materials, not really needed, but can be highly gratifying if you’re a Viggen-nerd (welcome to the club!)

  • SFI (Speciell F√∂rarinstruktion) – Real world Swedish air force manuals used by Viggen-pilots and instructors. Converted from the original SFI-documents. Currently only available in Swedish language.
  • ATIS 37 – Actual real world excercises when learning to fly the Viggen in the Swedish Air Force. Converted from the original ATIS37 document. Also available in English language.

There you go, hopefully this will make it easier for you to get started with the Viggen. Instead of tinkering with stuff, you can spend more time on actually flying the aircraft. Of course, you do know that the Viggen module is made for some pretty extensive studying, right? To use it to the fullest, read the manuals to learn the systems and procedures. That’s all part of the fun!